VOGSY and Incentro want to boost productivity and profitability in the services Industry in Africa but HOW??

By Elizabeth Akinyi | May 20th, 2021

Incentro Africa will assist professional services companies in their digital transformation with VOGSY’s quote-to-cash ERP solution built for Google Workspace

VOGSY, the quote-to-cash Professional Services Automation solution built for Google Workspace users, and Incentro Africa, the Nairobi-based branch of the full digital service company called Incentro, announced today their new partnership. Through VOGSY’s global Partner Program, Incentro Africa will help its customers across Africa harness VOGSY’s unique Google Workspace integrated platform to run their quote-to-cash operations and enhance productivity and profitability. The partnership will also expand VOGSY’s global reach.

A Google Cloud premier partner, Incentro Africa specializes in enterprise work transformation services enhanced by Google Cloud. Incentro Africa is proactive in always looking for new partnerships and solutions to benefit customers and boost their productivity even further. Many of Incentro’s existing customers were looking for a fully integrated solution at an affordable price and Incentro aims to provide this through its partnership with VOGSY. According to Dennis de Weerd, Incentro Africa’s CEO, supplying VOGSY’s ERP system to Incentro Africa’s customers represents a major advantage in transforming their productivity, team collaboration and efficiency.

“VOGSY gives our customers the ability to streamline and manage their quote-to-cash processes from all sales, operations and accounting sides with a single tool that integrates with Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides, achieving the ultimate real-time collaboration and transparency throughout service delivery,” de Weerd said.

As the only Professional Services Automation platform created for Google Workspace as well as the leading quote-to-cash ERP solution, VOGSY is a singular tool that packs significant value for services firms. Elimination of destructive work silos, intuitive UX, real-time business data including project budgets, margins and financial KPIs as well as built-in scalability and security are some of the main benefits VOGSY’s CEO Mark van Leeuwen aims to bring to Incentro Africa’s professional services customers.

“As professional services firms undertake digital transformations, they require forward-thinking partners and access to tools that provide actionable data and real collaboration whether they’re two feet or continents apart. VOGSY is proud to align with the like-minded professionals at Incentro Africa and work together to ensure the efficiency, profitability and sustainability of services firms in the digital era.”

About Incentro

With over 10 years of proven expertise in technical consultation and related services, Incentro, the only Google Premier Partner in East, West and Central Africa has become the go-to partner for successful business transformation in the continent.

From Enterprise Collaboration, Cloud Migration and Smart application development, we proudly serve over 26 countries in Africa and are growing. Whatever your ambition is, we’ll aim for maximum impact. We dive deep into your organization, challenge your plans, build solutions swiftly and make sure they work.

Incentro Africa achieved accreditation for becoming the continent’s first premier partner with Work Transformation Specialization and in doing so validates our expertise in deploying cloud-based solutions like Google Workspace, Chromebooks and Cloud infrastructure that have bolstered security and enabled companies to cut operational costs.

For more information, visit www.incentro.com/en-ke


VOGSY is the natural extension to Google Workspace for service professionals. Created by a 30-year PSA company with customers in 25 countries, VOGSY has a strong pedigree and serves all B2B service industries including marketing, consulting, engineering and IT around the globe. Based on Google Workspace as the productivity hub, VOGSY integrates all mission-critical services processes from quote to cash. Executives, managers and other professionals working in sales, finance, operations and project management can all get their jobs done faster and more easily with VOGSY. For more information, contact info@vogsy.com or visit www.vogsy.com. For a free trial, visit [link].

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