The secret to managing your Cloud-related bills.

By Dennis Deweerd | June 21st, 2021

Getting on to cloud for the first time involves a lot of Do-It-Yourself mentality. You find a service that suits you and go ahead and set up with the company credit/debit card. This is super easy – if you have access to a credit card, however many people or organizations do not have access to a credit card and therefore believe they are unable to use cloud services.

The good thing is, there’s an alternative. When you sign up with a Google Cloud Partner they are able to offer you a managed billing service. This means they are paying the Google Cloud services on your behalf and invoicing you for it locally, through an invoice. This offers so many benefits such as cost optimization, support and tax compliance.

Are your Google Cloud expenses too high?

Working with a Google Cloud Partner brings more value than just ease of billing.
For instance, they can help you set budget alerts and prevent any unpleasant surprises (bill shock) at the end of the month. Especially when working with a Google Premier partner or a partner specialized in Cloud Infrastructure (like Incentro who is both a Premier Partner as specialized in Cloud Infrastructure) you experience a whole new world of value addition. We can assist you with the right sizing to optimize your cloud infrastructure for performance and cost. Through our partnership with Google, we are able to access free Google Cloud credits, incentive programs and unique discount programs that can really help drive your costs down.

The best thing is that many of these services are offered for free or pay themselves back very quickly due to the savings you realize on your Cloud bill. All Incentro does is make you aware of them and helps you utilize them.

For those organisations that are looking to reduce their cloud expenses but are using Microsoft Azure or Amazon’s AWS? No problem. Incentro Africa can create a simple calculation for you on how much you’d pay for the same resources using Google Cloud. More often than not using Google Cloud is less expensive. Thanks to our many years of experience in IT and Cloud services, combined with our Google certified experts migrating workloads from one place to another is seamless and your savings can start immediately.

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