Stop managing data centers and focus on innovation

This year of unprecedented change has driven digital transformation with an urgency never seen before. Markets and industries are changing overnight. Only businesses that are able to move with them are able to survive or even thrive. Move critical workloads to the cloud and managed services. empower your IT team to focus on more valuable and innovative work that supports your business goals.

I want to learn more about cloud

Cloud is changing the game

It is a trend we’ve seen happening in leading economies for some time now and only the early adopters in Africa. Looking at the Kenyan market, we see that companies have been reluctant to adopt cloud solutions, preferring the traditional on-premise infrastructure. Now they are stuck, with inflexible and demanding infrastructure that is not suitable for the sudden change. We see many legacy systems that are only able to be accessed from an office location. They need to be adjusted to be accessed conveniently and safely from home location. This is leading to major concerns and high pressure on IT teams to make the impossible happen.

Most of our customers that did not start their journey to the cloud had issues with security, accessibility and performance of their core applications. Severally impacting their operations and risking their business continuity. Customers who did adopt cloud, seem to shift effortlessly and are able to continue business as usual. They had time to focus on their changing business needs and opportunities during these stressful and rapidly changing times. – Dennis de Weerd, CEO Incentro Africa – Google Cloud Premier Partner in Kenya

Don’t be scared of change, it’s inevitable

Now the pressure is on, the last thing on the mind of CTO’s and IT teams is change of a platform or infrastructure. These changes are regarded as complicated and lengthy processes have therefore been avoided for a long time, leaving them with legacy system in the first place. But as can be seen in some recent examples, that doesn’t have to be the case when working with experienced cloud service providers like Incentro Africa. Take Text Book Centre for instance. With the pandemic setting in, they decided to take the leap forward and migrate their SAP and POS systems to Google Cloud (a first in Africa). While saving costs and reducing operational burden on their IT team they were able to set up a highly scalable environment that can change with their changing business.

This was the most seamless digital transition I have experienced. – Armand Houhau, MD Text Book Centre.

Cloud will be the new standard

Now it becomes clear that change is inevitable and we see more examples in the market popularity of fully managed cloud services is growing. Gather forecasts that by 2025, 90% of large organizations with legacy applications in the cloud will use external service providers for some portion of the management and support. Freeing up internal IT teams to drive new applications and innovations.

It’s the age of the Cloud worker

With the increased connectivity on the African continent it opened up the access to use innovative cloud services and ability to leapfrog, beating the competition. Not only modern infrastructure and services. But it gives the ability to simplify the management of endpoints with Chromebooks and drive effective online collaboration with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). This is the age of the Cloudworker, completely changing the way we work, think and manage our organization.


Those who realize this first, will be the winners. Those who stick to their old ways will struggle to stay relevant and competitive. We support companies to develop their digital strategy and transition to cloud. Let us help you.