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By Sonny Nyaga | October 19th, 2021
  • The journey
    – DohYangu handpicked Google Cloud for its Application Modernization
  • Google Cloud Adoption
    – An idea whose time has come
  • The silver bullet.
    – SMEs/Startups are Leveraging Google Cloud
  • Statistics don’t lie.
    – Get a realistic tangible ROI by embracing Google Cloud
  • The Clarion calls for Enterprises.
    – Adopt Google cloud, Embrace the future

Looking for a silver bullet to catapult your business to the next level?

Read on………Adopt Google Cloud!

The Journey

DohYangu handpicked Google Cloud for its Application Modernization

In a quest to catapult its business to the next level, DohYangu embarked on a frantic mission to search for a cloud partner of choice, to journey along with, in its ambitious infrastructure modernization roadmap.

“Whilst shopping for a cloud service provider we compared all solutions available in the market. We had a chat with the entire spectra of the top 5 providers, Google Cloud emerged the best in the following metrics – best in determining the cloud computing services that meet our needs, best in cloud security and network, server-level security measures to protect our data, best in flexibility and ease of access, best in pricing and upfront costs, best in handling regulatory compliance such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCCI.” Remarked Rogers Karani, DohYangu CEO.

Google Cloud Adoption

An idea whose time has come.

Many Enterprises are struggling with the runaway CAPEX costs owing to the hefty costs of running and maintaining on-prem infrastructure such as servers approaching the end of life.
DohYangu was particularly wrestling with the scalability and reliability of their production environment, a utility that is not rendered by on-prem infrastructure.
As such, they needed a solution that would resonate with them as a start-up and at the same time a state-of-the-art environment that guarantees a consistent discharge of excellent services to their esteemed customers.

Google Cloud was the ultimate solution to DohYangu’s problem.
Through their partnership with Incentro, DohYangu was able to quickly adopt Google cloud and reap from its many fruits i.e affordability, Pay as you go, model, High availability, scalability, and reliability.

The silver bullet!

SMEs/Startups are Leveraging Google Cloud

DohYangu Developers asserted

“Google Cloud is a tried and tested platform which is a market leader in cloud space. It has diligently handheld us through our journey whilst keeping abreast with the latest technological breakthrough. From Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Operations, and many more, we believe Google has the requisite solutions to not only meet but exceed our expectations”


 “Working with Google Cloud platform has been a journey and continues to be one for us at DohYangu, we have had great experiences in learning how to containerize applications, something that we didn’t know was possible. The speed with which Cloud Run pushes updates from container to production has enabled us to deploy code, and build our applications with the tools that we are acclimatized with. It has also enabled us to move from infrastructure management and quickly auto-scale up and down from zero instantaneously all this while charging for only the resources that we use. We love the Mantra: ‘Any language, any library, any binary and have truly experienced the deployment of a scalable application in a fully managed serverless platform’”

Statistics don’t lie!

Get a realistic tangible ROI by embracing Google Cloud

Adopting Google cloud enables Enterprises to turn around their Capex costs by scaling them down by more than 35%. The alternative is a flexible Opex model dubbed the Pay as Go/Use model and at the same time guaranteeing scalability, reliability, and availability to up to 99.9%.

“We have been able to deploy marketing campaign & promotions for FMCGs in minutes, an activity that was taking a very long time, more importantly, we have been able to create value ineffective management of the FMCG budgets with an estimated saving of 30%, and a demonstrated 19% sales growth for one of our customers.”

Rogers Karani, CEO at DohYangu.

The Clarion call for Enterprises

Adopt Google cloud, Embrace the future

Our clarion call to all Enterprises out there; Google Cloud is the future you want!
It’s just about time to focus on your core business and do what you do best, and let go of the infrastructure management hassles!

Tired of Infrastructure management issues, capacity constraints, run-away CAPEX costs, reliability, and scalability issues? Incentro will show you the way out!

‘Embrace Google cloud and let the experts do it for you!’ Sonny Nyaga

Sonny is a passionate and Google Certified Cloud Architect.
I support Enterprises in their Cloud adoption journeys’.

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